NOON, 100 Years On: A collection of songs from singer songwriter Graham Noon. Working at his studio (Eversfield Studio), the songs have come together over the last two years. The sound could be categorised as ‘atmospheric pop’ with a strong emphasis on melody. The album features some truly inspiring performances from fellow musicians and singers, complementing Graham’s unique debut lead vocal.

Teaming up with producer / multi-instrumentalist Neil Pyzer, the Album blends haunting vocal soundscapes (Beverly Skeetes, Ricci P. Washington) with sweeping violin flourishes (Mike Piggott). Add a touch of genius from legendary pedal steel player B.J. Cole and of course Graham’s own piano work and you have something musically quite special. Graham also calls on the talents of Greg Hart (Guitar), Gary Williams (Electric Bass), Gary Holder (Acoustic Double Bass) to make this album a special one. Co-writers include acclaimed composer David Martin and singer songwriters, John Nettleton, Geoff Beauchamp and Sarah Huddlestone.

NOON, 100 Years On is soon to be released on Vocaphone Records. For More info please contact www.vocaphonemusic.com or email info@vocaphonemusic.com.